Lab Automation

Image courtesy of Peak Robotics

We work on laboratory automation projects that range from a small application development on a single instrument, to custom hardware, all the way up to development of complete integrated systems.

We have experience with many instrument brands and models (as listed below).  But beyond those specific instruments, this breadth of experience also equips us to deal with most new laboratory instruments with a very short learning curve.

For most simple instruments, we will provide all of the programming and configuration services.  For more complicated systems we will typically work with systems vendors for the majority of the hardware implementation, working on system specification and design if necessary; then we can provide the bulk of the system programming for your specific process. 

In the case that your application requires a piece of custom hardware, we can produce the necessary design drawings and work with local machine shops to produce the exact device that you need to complete your application.

Instruments and Systems with which we have experience

We have worked with all of these systems, in most cases either developing sophisticated instrument protocols, integrating the instrument into a larger system, or writing interfacing software. 

Remember -- our broad experience in laboratory instrument programming and software technologies means that we typically come up to speed very quickly on new instruments.  If you have any questions about whether we would be able to deal with your equipment, please ask us. 

Why can't we do this internally?

Sometimes executives or project managers believe that simply purchasing an "automated" laboratory instrument is sufficient to achieve the project goals.  This is rarely the case, because the instrument must be programmed for your specific application. For relatively simple applications, the instrument vendor can often do the programming, or can train lab personnel to do it for themselves.  But in many cases, you need specifically dedicated staff to produce a functioning application that is robust and sophisticated.

We are happy to work directly with application scientists, even if they have little idea of how the instrument works.  In fact, one of our greatest added values is our ability to take a sketchy concept and recommend the best approach to implement the process to achieve the end goal.  For more experienced personnel or automation engineers, we can complement their ideas with our specific knowledge, and can quickly implement the process design.

We are also available to help train internal personnel to maintain/modify the instrument protocols that we produce, or to develop their own sophisticated protocols.  Often times this training can surpass what the instrument vendor may provide, since we can encompass the both instrument and your corporate information systems, with custom-developed interfacing software if necessary.